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Welcome to Dreamstate!

We are a semi-hard-core raiding guild looking to bust out some raids as they're released and aim for heroics. What I mean by this is doing Firelands, for example, during the Firelands patch, not during the next patch.

We look to be raiding on the weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) from 7 to 10 server. We will be settling with a core 10 man raid group once we start seeing what everyone is capable of, and we will be starting on Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight to test everyone's potential. Firelands progression will begin once our core team is ready and able.

Also, for those not of the raiding type, or who simply aren't assigned to a team yet (yes, we plan on having more than 1 core group eventually), we will be hosting occasional, fun, events for the guild to get together and do. These range from low-level racing, to hide-and-seek style events, as well as some minor pvp and other various events.

I will also be developing a unique DKP system for the guild. This has been modified so that it only applies to guild events. It is not rewarded from or used for raids. It will purely be a reward and a currency used for guild events.

The system (as planned thus far) will work something like this:

Attending the or event = 100 DKP
Winning an event = 500 base DKP (per person in a team, during team events), split among winners if there is a tie.
Event objectives (for events that apply) = 100 DKP per person, per objective

DKP is NOT intended to make you instantly win an event. It is a way to twist a guild event in your favor, and gives you a reason to attend events in the first place.

Some events will have certain "advantages". This may include a time increase for an event, removing objectives from objective-based events, a headstart on some events, etc. Advantages must be purchased ahead of time, without knowing if you will truly make use of it.

Again, none of these are guaranteed to win you anything and must be purchased before the event.

I hope to start using this DKP system after our first week of raiding

1. Core members are expected to show up. We have this guild set up so that students will be minimally bogged down by raiding (thus the friday and saturday night schedule). We understand shit happens and will be forgiving, but if it becomes a habit we will be forced to replace you and / or make you a Backup raider.
2. Respect for all other members will be enforced. We are accepting of new members as long as they are willing to learn their class and the content, so patience is a must.
3. Be competent in learning. I do not mandate any addons initially, but if you need them, I will require it. If you still are keeping the rest of the group from progressing, changes will be made and you will become a Backup.
4. Honor code is asked of you for events. Some events will require finding other members, so there will be ways to hide their position from you, even in the same group. We highly request that you comply with this request.
5. Please comply with the DKP system. Everyone has a fair shot at events. Even if someone purchases an advantage, you had the same chance, so any sore losers will not be tolerated.
6. Have fun. If you are not, tell Jorzun or Doogie.
7. Live the Dream!

Dreamcatcher: Guild Leader (Jorzun)
Awakened: Guild Officer
Dreamer: Raider
Sleeper: Backup Raider
Drifting: 85, Non-raider
Napping: Non-85
Alt: Alt
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Jorzun, Sep 20, 11 7:48 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Recruiting any good raiders for backup positions, as well as anyone interested in the guild events.
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